"We Build this city on rock"

Meet the Team:

Andre de Swardt (Partner) - Building site inspector, quality control, logistics. 5 Years intensive building experience. NHBRC Registered.

Charles Geyser (Partner) - Quantity surveying, planning and distribution. 10 Years
building experience. NHBRC Registered.

Marlize and Fransie - Office administration, ordering of material and bookkeeping.

What is design/build?

Design/build is a single source responsibility that combines planning, design, engineering and
building efforts into a single team. In the "traditional" contracting approach, the owner commissions an architect or engineer to prepare drawings and specifications and then separately selects a construction builder or construction manager either by negotiation or competitive bidding.

The "design/build" team is closely involved in producing a project which meets the owner's needs as well as acting as professional advisors to the owner. The owner deals with a unified design/build team working together on his behalf instead of divided responsibility in "traditional" contracting.

Single-source design and production of industrial and consumer products has long been the norm
throughout our econom
y. Now, quite understandably, single-source design/build has moved to the forefront of the construction industry.

Advantages of design/build?

! Potential for reduced administration burden
! Early knowledge of total project cost
! Improved risk management
! Singular responsibility
! Cost savings
! Quality
! Time savings
! Smooth transition from design to construction
! Accurate cost estimates early in project development
! Contractor input from the beginning
! Design team working together with builder can provide most creative and cost effective
solutions possible.